Electric vehicles parked and charging at EV charging stations

Join the EV-lution! Why Now is the Best Time to Introduce Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to your Building

You know electric vehicles (EVs) are on the rise and you want to improve your building’s competitive edge by installing EV charging stations  – so what’s next? 

The journey to EV infrastructure does not need to be a complicated one. Begin capitalizing on the opportunity to offer your building tenants a premium amenity for minimal effort in just two simple steps:

Part of a building lighted up during the night.

Envari Extends its Real-Time Energy Monitoring Offerings with CircuitMeter’s Forensic Energy Management System

December 10, 2019 (Ottawa, ON) – Envari Energy Solutions and CircuitMeter Inc. today announced that Envari has added CircuitMeter as a strategic partner for its portfolio of energy transforming products and solutions, enabling its push into the field of Forensic Energy Management and extending its commitment to provide leading-edge energy services to its client-base.

Winter Newsletter

If you live in or around Ottawa, you won’t be surprised to hear that the weather we’ve been experiencing lately is breaking records, both in unseasonably low temperatures and snow dumps. And, this isn’t the first time either! The weather has been continuing to surprise us for several years now, from tornadoes to ice storms. These direct weather experiences are constant reminders that we need to respect our planet.

waste water treatment plant

Why We Can’t Let Wastewater Go To Waste

“Out of sight, out of mind.” Such is the case for most of us when we flush a toilet. We’re unlikely to give the process another thought until something goes wrong – be it a clog or leak. But what if we could challenge ourselves to think about the waste cycle before a problem arises?

Envari streetlighting project

The Bright Side of LEDs for Illuminating Cities

Canada’s capital city has been a global leader in streetlighting since the very beginning. In 1885, Ottawa was one of the first cities in the world to light all of its streets with electricity. Before that, streets were illuminated by oil-fueled lampposts that needed to be lit every night by streetlighters traveling on foot or horseback. Not surprisingly, electric streetlight fixtures soon became the standard in cities across the world.

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Summer Newsletter

When you come across a dark country road, a dark alleyway or an unlit driveway, your defense instincts kick in and it can be unsettling. Whether walking or driving, we all take comfort in a little bit of light to reveal our surroundings and the reason is simple: light gives us the ability to see where we’re going and, therefore, provides us a sense of safety and control. This is why street lights make such a big difference to our nighttime driving and walking experience, and when a street light is burnt out, you notice.

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At Envari, knowledge is power

In May of 2018, we officially launched Envari. Since that time, we have solidified our role as energy transformation specialists and continue to identify new ways to leverage data to bring our customers savings, energy efficiency and environmental accountability.