Your time is more valuable than money.

Our team of experts can provide you with peace of mind when commissioning a sustainable building project

Turnkey and Worry Free

Whatever the project focus, our team can provide full turnkey services to take the project from concept to completion.

Innovation and Expertise

Our design and engineering professionals provide innovative solutions to help improve sustainability and efficiency in built environments.

Sustain and Save

We’re here to help you manage your energy services and improve efficiency, making you greener and saving you money.

The Envari Solution

Envari offers all-encompassing design and engineering services that include but are not limited to Building Services Engineering, Green Building Initiatives, Commissioning, and Project Management.

We’re here to help take your sustainable engineering project from concept to reality. In collaboration with you, we develop detailed designs, action plans and cost projections, and determine the energy, water and gas savings.

Cut costs and enhance the comfort of your tenants, employees and clients.

We can evaluate your building systems in order to develop and execute a plan to reduce your utility costs and improve your sustainability.

A complete range of sustainable Design & Engineering Services for all systems in your building that impact tenant comfort and the environmental conditions

Let us help you reduce the costs of all your utilities and make your building more attractive to own, operate and lease. Once we evaluate your existing system and where your needs lie, we’ll take care of the project management, design, applications, contract, construction, and commissioning. Everything necessary to deliver your project and have it built to our design specifications.

Green Building Initiatives

If you are looking to meet corporate sustainability requirements, achieve a green building certification, or are looking to ensure your building is as green as possible, our team can help.

Whether it’s commissioning building systems, developing energy management plans, or retrofitting your building to be more efficient, we’re here to support your BOMA BEST and LEED certification.

Electrical Design

Electrical design entails planning, creating, testing and supervising the development and installation of electrical equipment. This includes lighting, power systems, and building automation systems (BAS).

Once your electrical systems are assessed and you are ready to make a change, our design and engineering team will map out how to achieve your goals.

Mechanical Design and Engineering

Mechanical Design and Engineering addresses all of your building’s non-electrical systems. Whether it’s HVAC, plumbing, or energy recovery, our team can design a solution to improve the operation of your building and reduce your utility costs.

Whether you want to move ahead with a retrofit recommended by an energy audit or you simply want to improve the performance of your mechanical systems, our team can develop a design to make it a reality.


We can make sure that your building systems installations meet the planned design and that they don’t stray from that design intent. If there are changes in how the spaces in your building are used, we can develop the best approach for modifying or replacing the appropriate building systems to account for those changes.

If you have already completed a retrofit project, we can help with monitoring and verification (M&V) of savings from efficiency retrofits including establishing baselines, developing M&V plans, and developing metering plans to validate savings.

Project Management

Our project management practice includes a comprehensive range of services that include planning, risk mitigation, and schedule optimization.

We take on the work so you don’t have to, handling tender services, contract administration, project scheduling, site supervision, quality control, financial analysis and control, and procurement.

Our project managers are highly skilled and ready to take on any project and see it through to completion.

Electric Vault Services

Routine maintenance and equipment replacement in your electrical vault can help you gain peace of mind, futureproof your building and secure savings on what could end up being a very costly capital expense.

The electrical equipment found within an electrical vault typically has a 40-year lifespan. Without a routine maintenance schedule of 3 – 6 years, the life expectancy of that equipment can decrease significantly.

As a high-voltage service provider, we can implement a strategy that reduces significant risk to both your building operations and to the electrical grid.

Stay at the cutting edge of your industry with Envari’s Design & Engineering Services.

Design & Engineering Services

Discover why forward-thinking design & engineering can take your building from ordinary to extraordinary.

Energy Audits & Assessments

The smarter the building, the more future proof it is. Make your building more attractive to own, operate, and lease.

Energy Monitoring & Automation

Optimize energy use for your business. Make informed decisions with real-time data.

Cable Testing | CableQ

Protect your critical assets. Manage your underground cable effectively with CableQ by Envari.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Electric Vehicle adoption is on the rise. Take a proactive approach and future-proof your building.


Decrease your energy costs, and your carbon footprint, while gaining greater connectivity and control.