Your path to sustainability is clear

It’s time to bring the world back into balance.

Climate change is threatening people’s lives causing flooding, wildfires, extreme heat, food scarcity, disease, and economic loss. If we are going to mitigate the effects of climate change, we need to lower our greenhouse gas emissions, transition away from fossil fuels and move towards clean energy solutions.

It’s not (just) about energy anymore.

A commitment to achieving net zero, carbon neutrality, climate positive, and more requires a shift in focus from how much energy we consume – while still important – to how much carbon is in that energy. This is key to redirecting our investments and changing how we operate.

Making the numbers work.

The energy investments we make today will shape our emissions profiles for years, and even decades. It’s time to rethink what we consider a measure of success. Now is the time to factor emission reduction into capital planning and social stewardship. With the right analysis – building in long-term total cost-of-ownership – you’ll likely find the metrics make sense.

Moving from ambition to action.

Organizations of all shapes and sizes are committing to emission and carbon-reduction targets. Although the journey may seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you have a plan in place, need to develop a plan, or have no idea where to start, we can help cut through the complexity.

Let’s cut through the complexities together.

Carbon Footprint Assessment

It all begins with data. Assess your energy consumption focusing on high-carbon forms to give you a clear picture of your carbon emissions, measures you can take to reduce them and their estimated savings.

Project Design and Costing

With the best opportunities identified, look at green building and other design services in conjunction with holistic and long-term project costing.

Project Implementation

When the business case is made and the capital allocated, mobilize mechanical, electrical and other engineering services. Specialized expertise in areas such as building automation or EV infrastructure is key.

Ongoing Tracking and Performance Management

Post-commissioning, conduct ongoing, actionable tracking to measure your success and define your offsetting requirements. Smart dashboards with built-in analytics can help.

Offset Selection

If necessary, include offsets that have received third-party certification. There are a number of standards that are emerging to measure and ensure the validity of your climate-action promise.

Let us help make your journey as clear as possible.

We get it and can do it

At whatever stage you’re at, you’ll benefit from expertise that spans the full spectrum of related work, and from design that’s informed by real-world experience.

We’re on this journey with you

Like all Hydro Ottawa companies, we’re committed to achieving net-zero emissions within our own organization by 2030.

We understand Ontario

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a global ambition but has to be achieved with locally-rooted strategies. Policies are ever-changing. Like energy markets and mixes, and electricity carbon intensities, they vary dramatically across jurisdictions. We’re experts in ours.

We know electricity, inside and out

A sustainable future is just a dream without a reduction in fossil fuels. As part of the Hydro Ottawa Group of Companies, we understand low-carbon infrastructure, electricity load, electrification of transportation, and grid connectivity like few others.

Let’s face the future together with optimism.

Talk to us about next steps and service offerings

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  • Electric Vehicle Readiness
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  • Smart City Solutions
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  • Lighting Solutions

Continue the journey

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