If you’re like many property owners, the state of your electrical vault is likely the last thing on your mind. For years, the reliability of this aging electrical infrastructure has turned it into a forgotten asset but failure can be catastrophic. The effects on building operations, tenants and the public will be immediate and carry a large incremental cost compared to a planned replacement.

“Choosing to run your vault to failure can be an expensive decision”

How old is your electric utility vault?

Provided vaults receive regular maintenance, the electrical equipment found within typically has a 40 year lifespan. Many vaults installed in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s contain equipment that has exceeded its reliable life expectancy, posing significant risk to both safety and reliable power supply. Electrical vaults are designed to face significant and constant electrical strain of up to 27,000 volts; however no vault can withstand this pressure indefinitely, and all vaults face an eventual end of life. Envari can help you control what that end of life looks like. With proper intervention (replacement or scheduled maintenance) we can help you avoid the catastrophic effects of electrical vault failure.

Is your vault maintenance up-to-date?

Adhering to a regular vault maintenance schedule (inspection, testing and cleaning every three years) may improve the condition and extend the life of existing equipment. Failure to implement a utility vault maintenance strategy opens up the entire electrical grid to significant risk, both from a safety and financial perspective. Vault failure requires intervention from the local utility in order to isolate the issue, and may rack up hefty costs for the building owner.

“Transferring high voltage electrical vault assets to your local utility may be an option that can provide perpetual peace of mind and can mean you never have to worry about maintenance, prolonged outages, generators and any future replacement/repair charges – ever!”

Be proactive

Future proof your building’s high and low voltage assets and reduce failure-related repair or replacement costs

Eliminate vulnerability

Dramatically reduce the risk of prolonged outages and optimize maintenance costs.

Be ready for what’s to come

Adapt to increased electricity demand from future loads (EV chargers, electric heat, etc.)

Optimize efficiencies

New technology is more efficient and designed to last longer, which drastically lowers building utility costs.

Envari can be your single point of contact for:

  • Asset condition assessments and re-location of high voltage assets – We will examine both high and low voltage assets and peripherals and in some cases utility-owned equipment can be moved outside reducing further disruptions by leaving only the building services in the vault.
  • Capacity threshold and quantifying supply for increased demand – We will advise on current available capacity and ensure you have sufficient supply for future planning and evolving building needs.
  • Ownership, demarcation and responsibilities -We can broker discussions with your local utility to facilitate vault ownership transfer to them, explain who would own what, clarify all available options and explain all pros and cons.
  • Cost-benefit analysis – We will engage your utility on your behalf and include a variety of cost-efficient solutions and cost-benefit scenarios.
  • Full procurement and project management – Envari’s strong technical expertise is backed by certified project management professionals who develop and manage the project schedule, order material and equipment, handle all engineering and design, coordinate vault isolations and outages for cutovers with the utility, arrange for Work Protection Code permits and arrange for generators to limit outage impact.
  • Contractor management – Envari has long-standing partnerships with well-established local contractors that have had extensive success in their areas of expertise. With transparency and strong ethical values, our recommendations will always be unbiased.
  • Compliance to specifications and standards – Envari has a deep understanding of the utility world, the supply upgrade process, and electrical codes and ensures compliance with project specifications and standards for optimal protection and control.
  • Project financing and funding incentives – Envari offers a variety of financing options and will also research and leverage all available provincial, federal, and institutional funding incentive programs.

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