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EV Infrastructure: Why Change?

EVs are on the rise in Canada, seeing a 25% increase in sales in 2019 vs. 2018

Demand for EV infrastructure is no longer a possibility, but an inevitability

Being proactive about EV infrastructure facilitates cost efficiencies

EV infrastructure increases property value and demonstrates environmental leadership

The Envari Advantage

At Envari, we recognize the barriers that are commonly associated with EV infrastructure and offer a suite of effective solutions to help you overcome them.

Reliable Expertise

Our experienced team brings a thorough understanding of the codes, regulations, and standards building owners and managers must uphold, ensuring your journey to EV infrastructure is simple and seamless.


In addition to financing options, we’re able to offer our customers a cost competitive, turnkey solution courtesy of our preferred pricing from our vendors.


Whether you want to lease or purchase, we offer a range of viable (and scalable) EV chargers to meet your unique needs and budget.

Easy Installation

Our expert technicians go above and beyond to provide outstanding service, managing installation from start to finish, including signage and painted spaces to meet LEED and BOMA BEST certifications.

Ongoing Maintenance

Recognizing that EV infrastructure is only as valuable as its longevity, we offer maintenance on leased and purchased chargers, as well as an option to purchase up to 4 additional years of manufacturer’s warranty (on top of the 1 year included on most chargers).

Consumption Visibility

We provide various options for consumption metering and billing – all outlined in your EVRA – to support ongoing monitoring.

Why Envari?

As a specialist in sustainable energy transformations, Envari has a proven track record for helping customers meet their infrastructure needs through expert engineering and project management.

Our thorough understanding of various industries and their drivers ensures we’re able to maximize our customers’ revenue potential and savings, as well as anticipate and adapt to change through future-proof, turnkey solutions.

The Journey to EV: How it Works

EV Readiness Assessment (EVRA)

We’ll conduct a thurough analysis of your building’s existing infrastructure and electrical loads to determine the charger type and quantity your building can facilitate.

Infrastructure Build Out

Upon completion of the EVRA, you’ll be provided a detailed estimate for your build out, after which a detailed design is established and installation occurs.


Whether you choose to lease or purchase, and in line with your warranty and/or maintenance plan, Envari’s team of experts will ensure your chargers are maintained for optimal performance.

Return on Investment

You enjoy the benefits of providing enhanced building amenities and a strong return on investment.

What’s Included in the EVRA?

Summary of building’s electrical service

Includes recommendations for EV charging solutions based upon your building’s electrical system characteristics.

Overview of EV charging solutions

Includes your building’s current electrical capacity, metering configuration, secondary electrical system voltage and configuration, and electrical system and usage will be provided.

Cost Estimate

Includes high-level breakdown of all costs associated with installation of EV chargers.

Our Solutions

Once you approve your cost estimate, Envari – in alignment with a detailed design – will build out your infrastructure in a simple and seamless manner. Upon completion, choose from a suite of complementary services and solutions such as:

Maintenance Plans

Solar Systems

Battery Storage Systems

Electrical Vaults

Building Automation

Energy Audits

Energy Audits HVAC systems

Automation systems (BAS)

Lighting Retrofits

Lighting Control

Ready to start an EVolution?

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