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A full turnkey solution to get your building ready for Electric Vehicles (EVs)


Stay ahead of the curve and set the standard for your building by eliminating the safety risks associated with non-standard charging methods.

for All

Provide metering and customer-billed solutions to satisfy evolving customer needs and demands.

Clean and

With zero emissions and batteries that are 90% recyclable, EVs are truly eco-friendly. Reduce your carbon footprint; make your building greener and more appealing.

The Envari Solution

EV Readiness is an area that affects all properties, be it commercial, residential or condominium. Envari offers a full turnkey solution to get your building ready for EVs. Starting with an assessment, we can provide you with a plan and recommendation for installing chargers.

We can also assist with the installation, maintenance and consumer education.  Envari’s turnkey solution delivers peace of mind to customers with regards to their building’s readiness to take on EV chargers.

Preparing your building for EVs will give you the competitive edge.

Let us help, get your Electric Vehicle Readiness Assessment (EVRA) today.

The future is electrifying

Make your building greener and more attractive to tenants.

What is an Electric Vehicle Readiness Assessment (EVRA)?

An EVRA includes an inspection and analysis of your metering equipment to determine the quantity and the type of chargers that the building’s electrical system can accommodate.


We will provide a written assessment, with a menu of options to make your building EV ready and future proof. This report can be further used as part of a larger proposal or a capital project planning strategy, and to provide tenants with charging options.


If you move forward with the installation of the EV charging stations, the assessment fee will be discounted.

Who uses the EVRA?

Building Owners

Can use the report to determine what level of charging their building can accommodate, and gain insight into the benefits for investing in this growing market segment.

Residential Landlords and Property Managers

Can satisfy their obligations to provide EV charging to residents and guests, as well as accommodate future EV requirements as the market expands.


Before any work begins, an EVRA will outline the state of their electrical equipment and what needs to change – if anything – to accept new charging.

Condominium Boards

Can use the report to understand what infrastructure is part of their condominium’s common ownership, and what costs will be borne by the individual tenants that wish to install EV charging stations.


As legislation is updated to address the growing popularity of EVs, condominium corporations will have the obligation to install or accommodate the installation of chargers at the request of owners; by starting the process with an EVRA they will be ready to address these requests quickly.

What is included in the EVRA?

Envari’s EVRA includes :


A summary of the building’s electrical service:

Current electrical capacity

Existing metering configuration

Secondary electrical system voltage and configuration

Electrical system age and condition

An overview of technology solutions for EV charging:

Recommended electric vehicle chargers based on the buildings electrical system

Electric Vehicle charger adoption options:



Estimated installation costs for EV charging infrastructure

Full turnkey solutions
for EV charger installation

Which charger is right for your building?

EV chargers are classified into three different levels; for commercial or large buildings, Level 2 or 3 are best suited to manage the demand.



Charge Time

Level 2

7.2kW @ 208 VAC or 240 VAC

180 minutes (3 hours)

Level 3

50 kW @ 200-450 VAC

15 to 20 minutes

Installation Made Easy

We take care of every step of the installation. Starting with the most experienced installation technicians and taking the extra step to provide the required signage and painted spaces to support a LEED or BOMA BEST certification, we have you covered.

Maintenance is Key

If you are renting, we take care of everything. No need to worry about equipment replacement or damage. If you are purchasing, we have warranty options.

Understanding Consumption

Gain visibility through software to monitor your equipment’s usage. Looking for more? Additional energy monitoring and dashboard services are available if you want a deeper understanding of your energy consumption.

Ready to plug into the future of green transportation?