The necessary insight and actions to save energy, money and preserve the environment.

Audit, Assess and Recommend

Whether you have a new build that isn’t living up to expectations or an old building in need of a retrofit, we can help you resolve performance issues and conserve energy.

Turnkey and Worry Free

Building owners have the opportunity to leverage Envari’s turnkey solutions or elect to take advantage of individual audits and assessments to address a specific need.

Knowledge is Power

We can help you understand your energy use and look for ways to reduce costs, raise occupant awareness and manage overall consumption.

The Envari Solution

Envari offers a complete range of Energy Audits and Assessments to help building owners manage energy and water consumption, including the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Energy Audit. Building owners have the opportunity to leverage Envari’s turnkey solutions or elect to take advantage of the individual audits and assessments to address a specific need.

The data gathered allows us to build a profile of a building’s energy use and pinpoint areas of opportunity. With this knowledge in hand we can make recommendations and prescribe a scope of work to reduce your energy consumption – translating into savings, return on investment, and additional benefits such as green house gas reduction, water and natural gas conservation, and a reduction in operating expenditures.

Looking to put these recommendations into action?

We can help with turnkey services that include design and engineering, project management and execution.

A complete range of audits and assessments to help you manage your energy consumption – and save.

We can evaluate your building systems, manage energy and water consumption, raise occupant awareness, and develop a plan to reduce utility costs. Below is just a sample of the services we offer – contact us for more details.

Light Level Studies

Interested in updating and improving the lighting in and around your building? We can help. We can identify where efficiencies can be found with simple replacements or do a complete redesign of how your space is illuminated, and share what the return on investment will be.

Light Level Studies allow us to ensure you are meeting building code standards, while still providing you with savings.

Whether you are looking at a full building retrofit or changing exterior lighting to LED, we can create models to show you the various lighting levels and where savings can be achieved, allowing you to determine your preferred course of action.

Lighting is a quick and easy way for building owners to address energy consumption and costs.

Utility Reporting

Utility Reporting includes a variety of studies and reports that will help you to understand your building’s consumption, particularly if your building has a variety of tenants with different hours of operation and energy use.

Our services include, but are not limited to: Utility Allocation Studies, After Hours Utility Reports, Monitoring and Verification Reports, Plug Load Studies and Energy Management Plans.

Whether you have tenants looking to adjust their hours of operation to extend past the base building standard, or you are looking to allocate utility bills to individual tenants, we can provide the data necessary to make these decisions. This data can help you to ensure utility costs are captured, but also to educate tenants on energy use.

We’re here to help you maximize the efficiencies of your building, as with Energy and Water Audits, many of these studies and reports can support BOMA Best applications, and help you to meet sustainability requirements in addition to ensuring your utility bills are appropriately allocated.


BOMA BEST and LEED are  national green building certification programs that are widely recognized and attainable. Envari can help you with all aspects of the certification process allowing you to achieve the highest level possible.

With five levels – Certified, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum – BOMA Best is an alternative to LEED certification. By meeting the necessary prerequisites, your building can be its BOMA BEST.

We offer a gap analysis to identify where you currently rank and what steps are required to achieve the desired level of certification. We can assist with your application and policies and procedures development to meet BOMA BEST requirements, and be on site to answer questions during the verification process.

We’re here to help you with every aspect of the application process – including creating action plans and helping you to meet the standards necessary for certification.

Energy and Water Audits

Energy and Water Audits are one of the best options for gaining as much insight as possible into your energy use. The primary function of an energy audit is to identify all of the energy streams in a facility in order to balance total energy input with energy use. We can identify opportunities to reduce your utility costs and assist with capital planning.

Our expert team will tour your building, interview staff, take inventory of systems – such as lighting, plugs, fans, and pumps – and build an estimate of the energy they use system by system. We compare these estimates to your energy bills to verify the models and then make recommendations, including the use of incentives, to that will drive savings, return on investment, and additional benefits.

Energy audits vary in depth, depending on the potential at a specific site for energy and cost reductions and the project parameters set by the client. Envari energy audits all meet the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standards for Level II audits.

Outside of the immediate benefits of reducing your energy consumption and increasing your savings, these audits can also support BOMA Best certification and corporate sustainability requirements, as well as assist with capital planning and keep your building competitive in the eyes of potential tenants.

Feasibility Studies (include Life Cycle Studies)

Feasibility Studies can provide you with the data and information you need – on just about anything.

Whether you are looking for options for new equipment to save energy or need to find solutions for particular building performance issues, our feasibility studies allow you to hone in on the area you are interested in without having to rely on a full energy audit.

Feasibility studies are not exclusive to energy, and our experts can help you address any and all issues within your building, regardless of the cause.

Our Life Cycle studies can help you to evaluate options for replacing equipment and provide information on the full cost of ownership over the years, providing you with cost, savings and benefits analysis to assist with capital planning.

Energy Audits and Assessments are just the beginning. Let Envari help you cut your carbon footprint with our full turnkey services.

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