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Manage your underground distribution cable effectively with state-of-the-art testing technology

Quick, Easy
and Traceable

Pinpoint cables that need repair or replacement quickly and easily.

Superior Testing

Preserve the health of the cable with non-destructive technology that provides a finite health index, eliminating guesswork.

Save Time
and Money

Prevent unnecessary outages and stretch your budget through effective asset management.

The Envari Solution

Managing and maintaining an aging infrastructure and assets base is a significant concern. Underground cables, in particular, pose a challenge, as replacement based on age alone is a cost-prohibitive approach. CableQ’s proprietary testing methods eliminate the guess work regarding the health of your cables.

You get accurate results through non-destructive testing that provides you with a finite health index. This knowledge enables you to allocate resources to address issues in order to mitigate system failure and avoid unplanned repairs or replacement.

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We can help with full turnkey services or training allowing you to perform testing on your own.

Learn how our method of cable testing will help you manage your cable assets

CableQ & Non-Destructive Testing

CableQ offers a state-of-the-art, non-destructive measurement system to assess medium voltage distribution cables.


The testing method has been developed to diagnose the health of XLPE cable without causing damage to the cable.


The test was developed in partnership with the National Research Council (NRC), Canada’s premier research and technology organization, and is the result of decades of research and testing at the NRC.

Our Clients

CableQ’s technology can support a variety of clients, not just utility companies.


CableQ’s testing equipment is portable and easily transportable, allowing for full turnkey services , or providing the training to allow your team to diagnose your cables locally.


CableQ can provide a cable testing service to diagnose the condition of your critical cables.


When the cable is diagnosed, CableQ will make recommendations based on the condition assessment of the cable. The service can be used to diagnose medium voltage XLPE/TR-XLPE cables safely.


Our on-site, non-destructive test is quick, and will tell you the condition of your power cables without damaging them.

Hospitals and Schools

Find out the condition of the power cables providing your campus with electricity.


Why spend money on early and unnecessary cable replacements?


Statistics show that cable age does not always play a factor in the deterioration of cable insulation. By diagnosing the condition of your cables, we can predict their longevity or probability of failure.

Service Providers

Distributor Opportunities Available! CableQ is always looking for partners to distribute our innovative technology across the globe.


Training and support is offered by CableQ and user-friendly testing equipment is available for lease.


Equipment will be calibrated by the National Research Council Canada annually to ensure its continued superior performance.


The uncertainty of which cables require replacement or rejuvenation and which cables can be left untouched are million dollar decisions that asset managers are routinely required to make.


Early replacement of aged cable assets results in unnecessary capital spending and a loss of service years. Diagnostic testing can eliminate the guesswork as to what action must be taken and when, saving utilities valuable dollars and mitigating the risk of unexpected failures.


CableQ has teamed up with leading utilities to track their aging cable assets and formulate strong asset management plans. Our Canadian clients include SaskPower, EPCOR, Greater Sudbury Hydro, Oakville Hydro, and Hydro Ottawa.

Interested in the technology behind our cable testing?

Learn more about how CableQ’s technology is backed by years of testing and research.

Oakville Hydro

Oakville Hydro has been using CableQ’s non-destructive cable testing technology since 2016 to diagnose the health of their XLPE cables.

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