A new energy and a redefined method.

The world is changing quickly and our method for approaching new challenges must be adaptive. With a lens on the future, we’ve sharpened our methodology and we’re guiding clients towards making better long-term energy infrastructure choices. Today, more than ever, we’re helping customers face the future with optimism.

We’ve changed our look.

At Envari, we’re driven by change. By embracing change, we align with the evolving nature of energy and technical innovation. Our new logo harmonizes the symbol for change, the delta. Arranged strategically, the tri-delta symbol mirrors the natural beauty found in the tulip – Ottawa’s official flower. The icon represents our desire to guide energy efficiency, business efficacy and environmental sustainability: three pillars we are revolutionizing, as we work with our valued clients.

This is Envari Elevated.

Design & Engineering Services

Discover why forward-thinking design & engineering can take your building from ordinary to extraordinary.

Energy Audits & Assessments

The smarter the building, the more future proof it is. Make your building more attractive to own, operate, and lease.

Energy Monitoring & Automation

Optimize energy use for your business. Make informed decisions with real-time data.

Cable Testing | CableQ

Protect your critical assets. Manage your underground cable effectively with CableQ by Envari.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Electric Vehicle adoption is on the rise. Take a proactive approach and future-proof your building.


Decrease your energy costs, and your carbon footprint, while gaining greater connectivity and control.