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The future is electrifying!

Let us make the installation process easier for you. Envari provides turnkey EV charging solutions, and it all begins with our Electric Vehicle Readiness Assessment (EVRA).

Sign up today for an inspection and analysis of your building’s electrical systems and parking layout.

Our EVRA report is the first step in your EV infrastructure planning

Envari’s EVRA report offers a thorough inspection and analysis of your metering equipment to determine the quantity, location, and the type of chargers that the building’s electrical system and your budget can accommodate. This information includes:

  • A summary of the building’s electrical service and potential EV charger locations
  • An overview of available technology solutions for EV charging
  • Electric Vehicle charger adoption options
  • Estimated installation costs for EV charging infrastructure
Sign up today for an Electric Vehicle Readiness Assessment

You will receive a written assessment, as well as written recommendations for the next steps towards future-proofing your building. Our report is perfect to include as part of a larger proposal or a capital project plan, or to provide tenants with Electric Vehicle charging options.


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