Extend the life of your assets and defer capital investment

Asset Management

Electrical Utilities can benefit from Envari’s proprietary methods of cable testing.

Water Utility Solutions

Detect leaks in infrastructure and receive notifications with metering and detection technologies.

Energy Savings

Solutions to help modern utilities manage their assets and prioritize energy savings.

The Envari Solution

Envari offers non-destructive cable testing to electrical utilities as part of an asset management strategy, as well as infrastructure streetlighting and sub-metering on electrical, water and thermal consumption costs.

Envari offers a wide variety of solutions to modern utilities to help them manage their assets, from cable testing to streetlighting.

Extend the life of your assets.

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Identify opportunities for significant energy savings

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Electrical Utilities

Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) are facing new challenges every day; climate change has introduced new trials with unpredictable weather patterns and storms resulting in extensive outages and damage to an already aging infrastructure. In a heavily regulated industry it is important for LDCs to operate in an efficient and fiscally responsible way.

Envari’s cable testing and power quality monitoring solutions can provide LDCs with the data needed to make informed decisions relevant to capital planning and rate applications.

Our services take the guess work out of the equation and provide LDCs with the information necessary to proactively approach their distribution systems and avoid catastrophic failures.

Water Utilities

By using metering and detection technologies, Envari can help detect leaks in infrastructure, and send a notification when something is detected.

Gas Utilities

Envari can offer thermal sub-metering to encourage energy savings.


Envari has experience in deploying a fiber-optic cable network around one of Canada’s largest municipalities.

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Design & Engineering Services

Discover why forward-thinking design & engineering can take your building from ordinary to extraordinary.

Energy Audits & Assessments

The smarter the building, the more future proof it is. Make your building more attractive to own, operate, and lease.

Energy Monitoring & Automation

Optimize energy use for your business. Make informed decisions with real-time data.

Cable Testing | CableQ

Protect your critical assets. Manage your underground cable effectively with CableQ by Envari.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Electric Vehicle adoption is on the rise. Take a proactive approach and future-proof your building.


Decrease your energy costs, and your carbon footprint, while gaining greater connectivity and control.