Envari can provide a full assessment that will help prioritize energy efficiency measures

Measurable Benefits

Quantify the financial and environmental impact of any potential solutions.

Turnkey Solutions

We offer full turnkey solutions for retrofits and upgrades, assisting you with every step of the project with minimal disruption to business operations.

Efficiency and Savings

Prioritize energy efficiency measures and substantially reduce energy costs.

The Envari Solution

For commercial properties, energy costs can represent a substantial operating expense. Envari can help both property managers and commercial tenants to proactively reduce energy consumption and ensure they are operating as efficiently as possible.

Envari can provide a full assessment and prioritize energy efficiency measures while quantifying the financial and environmental impact of any potential solutions. Envari offers full turnkey solutions for retrofits and upgrades and can assist you with every step of the project with minimal disruption to business operations.

Let Envari give you a powerful advantage and insight into energy efficiency measures.

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Identify opportunities for significant energy savings

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Manufacturing and industrial customers have a large energy consumption profile – and these process systems, manufacturing equipment and heavily conditioned spaces all have long operating hours. Many industrial customers are faced with a growing need to reduce costs and increase environmental sustainability while still improving their overall competitiveness.

Envari provides comprehensive industrial energy assessments for a wide variety of applications. In addition to evaluating your LED lighting and HVAC systems, our engineers can meter electrical, water and thermal systems and tenant spaces, allowing them to audit and assess efficiencies and pinpoint performance issues. They will then develop and implement project upgrades with the best technology to meet the needs of each customer. With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, we work to ensure nothing is compromised in achieving these goals.

Condominium and Residential Property Management

Condominium boards and property managers face a number of challenges when it comes to energy consumption and identifying efficiencies within their buildings, but they also have some of the biggest opportunities to invest in energy saving initiatives. Whether a new build or an older building in need of a retrofit, we can recommend energy solutions that will see a strong return on investment.

Envari can help you keep your building up to date and aligned with building codes regulations; whether you’re looking to achieve BOMA BEST certification or invest in EV infrastructure, our team of designers, engineers and project managers can get the job done, and find you sustainable options as well as savings.

Commercial Retail

Envari offers sub-metering in tenant spaces for electricity, water and thermal consumption that give occupants the control to affect their own costs, and give owners a deeper insight into their own buildings.

Coupled with Envari’s expertise in building retro-commissioning, it’s possible to significantly reduce costs and operating expenses while improving value.

Development & Construction

Ensure that your development is ahead of the competition with smart solutions. Envari has solutions that make buildings more efficient, and allow for more control over consumption and expenses.

Envari understands transformative energy solutions and can help in the design and construction phase of buildings to improve performance, automation, luminescence and occupancy control over their utility consumption.

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Design & Engineering Services

Discover why forward-thinking design & engineering can take your building from ordinary to extraordinary.

Energy Audits & Assessments

The smarter the building, the more future proof it is. Make your building more attractive to own, operate, and lease.

Energy Monitoring & Automation

Optimize energy use for your business. Make informed decisions with real-time data.

Cable Testing | CableQ

Protect your critical assets. Manage your underground cable effectively with CableQ by Envari.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Electric Vehicle adoption is on the rise. Take a proactive approach and future-proof your building.


Decrease your energy costs, and your carbon footprint, while gaining greater connectivity and control.