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Envari offers Canadian governments the energy solutions for the future


Reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions while encouraging new growth in sectors like Electric Vehicle adoption.

and Savings

Envari can lower electricity costs through demand reduction and peak-saving.


Envari can install renewable generation that offsets costs through net-metering, or generate revenue through electric vehicle charging solutions.

The Envari Solution

Envari can support Municipalities and Government with energy evolution planning, CO2 and GHG reduction targets along with independent energy assessments.

Envari offers solutions like adaptive and programmable LED streetlighting, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, as well as building solutions that can lower greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

Let Envari give you a powerful advantage and insight into energy efficiency measures.

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Identify opportunities for significant energy savings

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Education, Museum, Government and Healthcare

Institutional customers are varied group with many different needs, but all have the opportunity to find energy efficiencies through the products and services offered by Envari. Institutional customers often have large campuses or a variety of buildings in their portfolio, all with their own energy consumption patterns and opportunities.


Our team of expert designers and engineers can assess and recommend projects to improve sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint. With LED retrofits and solar installations, institutional customers can offset their energy costs by reducing their use and generating their own power. This is just the beginning; Envari can provide full assessments and offer potential solutions for a host of energy


Municipalities have large portfolios to manage and energy consumption and environmental sustainability are important to their bottom line and the community they serve. From city buildings to infrastructure assets, efficiencies can be found in all areas and Envari has the best team to make this happen. Our lighting design and engineering team can help municipalities maximize energy use with LED conversion projects, including Adaptive Dimming Connected Control Systems to network a connected community.


With municipalities looking to future-proof their buildings and propel communities toward renewable energy strategies, solar installations, EV infrastructure and energy monitoring and automation are just a few of the ways Envari can help achieve those goals.

Federal Government (Security Clearance)

Federal Government is tasked with unique problems in a vast nation. Envari has solutions that can offset or reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lower energy consumption and increase the lifespan of existing federal assets.

Provincial Governments

Envari has a suite of solutions for provincial governments that can offset costs through more efficient and effective streetlighting, as well as encourage product adoption through EV charging infrastructure.

Envari offers energy solutions for the future.