Professional using an instrument to assess an electrical utility vault.

Four Ways to Keep Your Building’s Electrical Utility Vault Operational & Safe

You’ve probably heard the saying, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Well, that saying rings true for the electrical power of your building too! Whether you manage the facility for a business, you’re a representative on your condo board, or are responsible for the infrastructure of a building in any other way, you share a responsibility for assessing and maintaining your building’s electric utility vault.

What’s out of sight is often out of mind, which means your building’s electric vault has likely – albeit unintentionally – become a forgotten asset. But with many vaults having been installed in the 60s, 70s, and 80s and an increasing demand for electricity, it’s more important than ever for you to be proactive about assessing, maintaining, and/or upgrading your electric vault. Ignoring it could put tenant’s lives at risk and lead to unplanned failures and catastrophic outcomes. Here are four ways Envari can help you prevent these risks from becoming realities:

1. Know Your Vault Assessment

A Know Your Vault Assessment is your first stop on the journey to an operational and safe electric vault. Our no cost, no obligation Know Your Vault Assessment will uncover the age of your equipment and the number of vault failures that have occurred in the past. It will identify who is responsible to maintain what equipment in the vault, what’s involved with maintenance, and what the estimated cost for maintenance and/or repairs is.

2. Condition Assessment

For a more comprehensive look, our on-site Condition Assessment will provide you with all of the details you need to ensure the safety of your electric vault. Our Condition Assessment Report will detail the estimated lifespan of your vault’s equipment and any necessary repairs or replacements (with costs). The report also identifies outliers impacting the ability for equipment to work as it should, whether or not equipment is properly labelled and up to current standards, and the condition and safety of the room your vault is located within.

3. Vault Maintenance

Adhering to a regular vault maintenance schedule can improve and/or extend the lifespan of your vault. When you work with Envari, everything from the ordering of material and equipment to coordinating planned outages and Work Protection Code permits will be taken care of.

4. Vault Upgrades

If the outcome of an assessment determines that your vault requires upgrades, we’ll deliver a detailed proposal and support you throughout the entire process. All work will be done to your local utility’s standards, unlocking the opportunity for ownership transfer so that you never have to worry about outages, maintenance, or repairs again.

Envari can help! We’re committed to your long-term success

At Envari, we have a proven track record for helping customers maintain, repair, and/or replace their electric vault through our certified project management professionals and partnerships with well-established contractors. Our affiliation with Hydro Ottawa, combined with years of experience in the distribution and design of high voltage solutions, positions us as an exceptional partner for future-proofing your building. 

Make a proactive move and sign up for a free  Know Your Vault Assessment  to put you on the path to electric vault safety today.

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