Vault Condition Assessment

Uncover vulnerabilities before they become catastrophic outcomes.

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The demand for electricity is only increasing, placing added – and potentially catastrophic – pressure on your building’s aging electric vault.

Following the Know Your Vault report, the next step in a proactive plan to eliminate costly failures, is to assess the conditions of your high and low-voltage equipment as well as civil structures.

How Envari Can Help

Through our comprehensive Condition Assessment, we’ll execute an onsite visit to help you determine:

The state and estimated lifespan of your electrical vault’s equipment

Necessary repairs and replacements, and the cost to execute

Outliers impacting the ability for equipment to work as it should

Whether or not equipment is properly labelled and up to current standards

The condition and safety of the room your electrical utility vault is located within

What maintenance should be done, if any

Why Envari?

As experts in high-voltage equipment, Envari has a proven track record for helping customers maintain, repair, and/or replace their electric vault through partnerships with well-established contractors and our certified project management professionals.

Our affiliation with Hydro Ottawa, combined with years of experience in the distribution and design of high voltage solutions, positions us as an exceptional partner for future-proofing your building.

Remember: as a building owner, it’s your responsibility to work with a qualified high-voltage service provider to reduce the risk of catastrophic vault failures. Book a Condition Assessment today.