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Without proper maintenance and/or repairs, your vault can have costly impacts on both the operation of your building and the safety of building tenants – making now the ideal time to be proactive about eliminating vulnerabilities.

How Envari Can Help

Through our no cost, no obligation Know Your Vault report, we’ll be able to help you uncover any underlying dangers within your aging electrical vault, as well as:

The age of your equipment

How many vault failures have there been in the past 15 years

Who is responsible to maintain what equipment in the vault

What’s involved with maintenance and when the last maintenance was done

What the estimated cost for maintenance and/or repairs is

Why Envari?

As experts in high-voltage equipment, Envari has a proven track record for helping customers maintain, repair, and/or replace their electric vault through our certified project management professionals and partnerships with well-established contractors.

Our affiliation with Hydro Ottawa, combined with years of experience in the distribution and design of high voltage solutions, positions us as an exceptional partner for future-proofing your building.

Remember: as a building owner, it’s your responsibility to work with a qualified high-voltage service provider to reduce the risk of catastrophic vault failures. Book a Know Your Vault assessment today.