With Great Data Comes Greater Efficiency

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With Great Data Comes Greater Efficiency

With my sincere apologies to Sir Francis Bacon, Voltaire and Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben, if knowledge is power and with great power comes great responsibility, we at Envari believe that with great data comes greater efficiency.

Yesterday was the official launch of Envari at the Canadian Federation of Municipalities conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia. To commemorate the occasion, and as the new Chief Energy and Infrastructure Services Officer, I thought I’d publish a quick little introduction about who we are.


On the surface, Envari is an exciting and innovative solutions provider for energy and infrastructure management. What that means behind the scenes is that our team tackles inefficiencies in energy and infrastructure that contribute to a lot of wasted overhead costs for large-scale businesses, organizations and municipalities. That waste also translates into environmental harm, greenhouse gas emissions and unexpected emergency response costs.


At Envari, besides co-opting proverbs, we believe that we can all take small measurable steps to change our business, our buildings and communities for the better. All we need is smart, actionable data to make informed decisions.


The data we collect has a bigger impact than the bottom line for our clients. Don’t get me wrong; the bottom line is a great place to start, but in today’s business, you have to reach higher and provide more value holistically. That’s what we at Envari excel at.


To build on our with great data comes greater efficiency proverb, here is a quick overview of Envari’s core turn-key solutions:


  • Smart Cities: Switching to LED streetlighting technology will cut electricity and maintenance costs by more than 50 percent. Ideal for municipalities looking for smart-connected lighting systems that provide greater connectivity and control of their streetlight assets, Envari has proven expertise in streetlight design, conversion and maintenance projects for Canadian municipalities.
  • Smart Data: Whether its electricity, gas or water – get a clear view of all utility profiles through Envari’s smart dashboard service offerings. Smart data solutions provide the most versatile platform for building owners and facility managers by integrating all utility profiles into a user friendly visual graphic interface and reporting tool; all in real-time.
  • Smart Buildings: Envari offers a complete range of energy management turnkey services. Energy audits, demand response/reduction analysis, and engineered designs are integral components in helping identify and manage energy and water consumption. Energy efficient upgrades can result in substantial savings for companies, and are often enhanced with financial incentives.
  • CableQ: A superior non-destructive cable testing technology that empowers utilities to manage underground cable effectively. Quick, easy and traceable, cable testing helps utilities manage assets strategically and prevent unnecessary power outages.
  • Power Quality: With CPS Power Monitoring Solutions, identify issues, improve operations and reduce costs with our industry-leading power quality data analysis. A perfect fit for any company, regardless of its size.


We think Sir Francis Bacon, Voltaire, and especially Uncle Ben, would approve. Contact me today to find out how we can help you.

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