Slide Is your electrical vault feeling like a time capsule? Most Vaults installed in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and earlier need an upgrade.

Some trends should be kept in the past, but there are some technologies that should be maintained to last.

The life expectancy of your vault equipment is around 40 years. Unlike fax machines, water beds, and wood paneling, we can help make your electrical vault age gracefully.

Without proper intervention, the impacts are much greater than innocently overextending a fad. If your equipment is pushing its life expectancy, there could be a significant risk to safety, reliable power supply and budget.

Replacement or scheduled maintenance can help you gain peace of mind, futureproof your building and secure savings on what could end up being a very costly capital expense.

Just like your dream vintage car…

Your vault needs regular maintenance and scheduled diagnostic tests.

Without even stepping into your vault, we can offer a free, preliminary multi-point inspection. That includes its age, who owns what, the number of failures in the last 15 years, and its last maintenance date.You’ll receive a summary to help get your equipment back on track and revved up for the future.

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