Gain the intelligence to implement energy-saving measures across your organization


Installing sub-meters integrates monitoring technology that pinpoints the efficiency of sub-loads like compressors, chillers, dehumidifiers, and HVAC.


Gain access to real-time data reports and analytics anytime, anyplace, with our dashboard solution.


Automation systems keep building managers informed of developing issues before they become costly problems and can provide reporting on energy and water use.

The Envari Solution

Envari’s Energy Monitoring and Automation systems give you the tools and insights to decrease energy and water usage, optimize renewable energy systems and reduce your carbon footprint while integrating with your existing Building Automation System (BAS). This system tracks bulk utilities like electricity, gas and water.

This provides you with information about your consumption patterns to help pinpoint the efficiency of individual building equipment. Envari’s energy monitoring system can determine how much energy your tenants are consuming and how to bill appropriately based on real-time data.

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We monitor your building in real-time for all utilities, showing you when consumption is happening and giving you an overview of your facility

Building monitoring is an option that not only provides you with relevant information, but it can also help with BOMA BEST and LEED applications, gaining you points in the process. Monitoring provides you with instantaneous feedback of changes in your building and can be used to raise tenant awareness of energy consumption, as well as alert building managers of developing issues.

Energy Monitoring Dashboard

Envari’s energy and water management solutions are powered by our Energy Monitoring Dashboard. The Dashboard allows building managers to monitor their use of bulk electricity, gas and water as well as sub-loads in real time.

The system can be used by stakeholders at all levels of the organization to extract performance data and identify cost savings. The Dashboard collects data from individual meters (electric, gas, steam, fuel, oil, water) in one minute intervals, which is then transmitted via a gateway panel to secure servers.

The data can be accessed via a web browser anytime, anywhere. Meaningful graphics, analysis based alerts, detailed reporting and complete data export flexibility give you the answers, not just the details.

Continuous Monitoring

Envari can leverage utility data and combine it with data taken from a building’s automation system. This allows for a deeper dive into building performance to uncover operating issues, improve comfort, optimize energy use, and identify potential energy efficiency retrofits on an ongoing basis.

Depending on your building access, virtual energy management is possible with Envari accessing your data remotely by working with your local utility and collecting it from your building automation system. Virtual or in-person visits are available to interview the building operator and evaluate HVAC systems to help you fine tune your building and build the story around how your building performs.

Make sense of your energy usage with Envari’s real-time energy dashboard

We can provide your business with the tools and insights to decrease your energy and water usage, optimize renewable energy systems and reduce your carbon footprint.

Gain actionable intelligence and optimize your sustainable energy use.

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