Streetlight conversion can help reduce a municipality’s carbon footprint and their bottom line

Savings with Data

Conversion increases energy savings; when combined with a connected control system, it provides real-time visibility of the asset, allowing for proactive maintenance.

Sustainability is Key

Streetlight conversion results in a significant reduction of GHG emissions, providing a more sustainable community for all.

Smart Communities

Adaptive Dimming Connected Control Systems provide the backbone of a Smart Community, leveraging data to increase sustainability and efficiencies.

The Envari Solution

Envari has a suite of services and expertise poised to deliver a full turnkey LED conversion project, including design and engineering, project management, installation, streetlight maintenance, and incentive applications.

Take advantage of Envari’s “one-stop shop” or one of the individual services offers for streetlight conversion or adaptive dimming connected control systems.

In-field statistical data has shown that over the last year, the use of LED technology in all environments has reduced total carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated 570 million tons – roughly the equivalent of shutting down 162 coal-fired power plants.

Prepare for the future now.

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Envari offers a complete range of end-to-end energy efficient lighting solutions as turnkey or individual services

Envari’s advanced lighting solutions can help municipalities with their bottom line. Project experience has demonstrated that switching to LED streetlighting technology provided savings of more than 50 per cent while yielding significant maintenance reductions.

Streetlight Conversion

Envari understands that each client is unique, and has different project needs; our goal is to provide a tailored solution for each project.

Our team is actively involved within the lighting community, engaging with associations that include the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) at both the local and international levels. We integrate this knowledge of the latest technology and industry best practices into our solutions to the benefit of our clients.

LED Conversion

The benefits of an LED conversion include:

  • Annual cost savings resulting from lower consumption
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions that align with sustainability programs
  • Increased life span and reliability of luminaires
  • Full cut-off light distribution (Dark Sky compliant products)
  • Increased visual acuity at night
  • Rejuvenated asset

City of Ottawa

Working in partnership with Envari, the City of Ottawa has surpassed the halfway mark of their streetlight conversion project. This conversion is already delivering a 60 percent reduction in energy use. This conversion to LED will also decrease carbon dioxide emissions by more than 1,000 metric tonnes annually.

Adaptive Dimming Connected Control Systems

Envari’s design philosophy promotes connected communities and infrastructure. This provides municipalities with valuable real-time data, enhanced asset management and dimming capabilities as well as an unprecedented level of system control.

By installing an Adaptive Dimming Connected Control System, municipalities are creating a communications network for future community endeavours. Offered as a part of turnkey conversion project, we can also upgrade your existing LED streetlight infrastructure with an Adaptive Dimming Connected Control System. Envari’s end-to-end service includes planning, design, engineering, project management, procurement, installation and maintenance.

Connected Control Systems

Adaptive Dimming Connected Control Systems provide:

  • Increased electricity savings through design dimming
  • Increased electricity savings through design and constant light output (CLO) dimming
  • Proactive maintenance vs. reactive maintenance
  • Individual, addressable LED luminaire identifier
  • Real-time data, analytics and communication to each LED

What we offer

If you are interested in just one of the many levels of service that we offer, please contact us.

Design & Engineering

Our team’s expertise includes concept design, project planning, and all aspects of the design and engineering process for streetlight conversions. We are product agnostic, which allows us to assess and recommend the products and technologies that best meet our clients’ needs.


Our lighting industry experience includes detailed photometric calculations that integrate human interaction on the lighting side –taking a human-centric approach while applying sound and proven engineering and lighting design principles.

Project Management

We will work with you to identify the project plan, key deliverables, timelines and milestones. We will assist with contractor and sub-contractor management, and provide technical support to all parties and stakeholders through to project completion.


Envari works with a large network of certified installation professionals. Our goal is to deliver a professional, high-quality project on time, on budget and as specified.  Regardless of the municipality we are working with, we make it a priority to engage with local contractors within our network.

Illuminating Innovation

See how Envari is optimizing Ottawa’s streetlighting with a multi-year conversion project.

Envari developed a dimming control and asset management plan for the City of Ottawa that monitors energy use, functionality, and the optimization of lighting levels for each individual streetlight. As part of this project, Envari implemented a wireless network across the City that allows each LED streetlight to communicate its status in real-time, and be dimmed by design. This marks the first time that the City of Ottawa has had full control and visibility of their streetlighting assets.

Streetlight Maintenance

Maintaining infrastructure is a daily requirement for all municipalities. Establishing a maintenance contract with Envari allows us to support project work, capital upgrades, damage to plant, inventory management, and procurement.

Envari works with clients to deliver on their project needs, be it streetlight maintenance, road widening, rehabilitation or capital upgrades. All of the services listed under conversion can be applied to maintenance projects as well. Collaborating with Envari will deliver a maintenance plan that best suits our client’s asset needs.

Make the smart investment. Envari’s advanced Lighting Solutions can help cities save.

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