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Three Reasons Why Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are a Necessity – Not An Amenity – For Your Condominium

As sales of electric cars and motorcycles continue to rise throughout Canada and around the world, building managers are beginning to abandon their ‘wait-and-see’ mentality surrounding the installation of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure. From potential cost-savings to environmental sustainability, the benefits of having electric charging stations cannot be ignored – here’s three reasons why.

1. EV chargers respond to consumer trends

As the climate continues to rapidly change, consumers are moving towards carbon-free lifestyles – which means their investments are too. EVs alone saw a 25% increase in sales from 2018 to 2019, demonstrating how vital it is (and will increasingly be) for condominiums to anticipate their tenants’ needs and future-proof their building by implementing EV infrastructure. After all, what gas is for the cars of today, electricity will be for the cars of tomorrow.

2. EV charging stations increase a condo’s appeal

In the housing market, maintaining a condominium’s competitive edge often comes down to the amenities it offers. Similar to a gym, pool, and rooftop patio, EV infrastructure enhances your product offering. It makes your building more appealing to tenants and demonstrates an attractive commitment to environmental sustainability, opening pathways to LEED and BOMA BEST certifications – each increasing the marketability of your condo.

3. EV infrastructure is affordable and lucrative

Future-proofing your condo for electric cars is more affordable than you might think. Envari’s flexible financing options and extensive and strong partnerships with charger manufacturers makes EV charger installations simple and more viable. Moreover, once the EV infrastructure has been installed, a condominium’s resale value increases and introduces the opportunity to charge for public access.

Gone are the days of looking at EV charger installations as a long-term play: it’s early adopters who’ve unlocked the most benefit from their investment into EV infrastructure, and there’s room for you to join them. Get started with Envari today.

At Envari, we’re committed to your long-term success

From design and installation through to maintenance and value added opportunities, our experienced team of engineers, designers, and project managers will ensure the road to future-proofing your condominium is a smooth and lucrative one. For more information on how Envari can help you install EV charging stations, visit Envari’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Solutions webpage.

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