Night and day

How a 24/7 dispatch centre made shift-work work for everyone.

The Story

There’s more to light than meets the eye.

Take its effect on our health and wellbeing: our mood, cognitive performance and even our productivity. Lighting affects everyone differently, and for a major dispatch centre, it plays a critical role in keeping employees comfortable and focused.

This dispatch centre is an essential, 24/7 operation. Until recently, however, there was no mechanism to accommodate each shift’s unique lighting requirements; what worked for the day crew wasn’t comfortable for the night crew – and vice versa.

As shifts would change, staff would take matters into their own hands, climbing ladders to remove or reinstall lamps to either darken or brighten the lighting above their workstations, an ongoing safety concern.

The centre needed an interior lighting solution that could work for everyone. And bonus points if it could help cut costs. To help tackle these challenges, they turned to Envari, their trusted lighting expert.

Envari designed, installed and commissioned a system that gives the centre full control over its lighting. All existing luminaires were replaced with a new LED lighting system that offers a more balanced environment for everyone.

Better yet, now each light fixture is equipped with its own controls. From a central laptop, managers can modify the colour temperature or light output of the luminaires, scheduling them to change automatically and at a non-disruptive pace.

To resynchronize the circadian cycle of the night shift, for instance, the lights can be pre-programmed to gradually go from a warm to a cool colour temperature, closer to natural daylight. Or they can be dimmed to cut costs when energy rates peak. The flexibility is invaluable.

Through the use of high-efficiency LEDs and smart dimming, the retrofit has not only helped this 24-hour dispatch centre enhance working conditions, but it also made their work area more aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, the extended lifespan of the new luminaires contributes to lower maintenance costs.

The best part? No ladders required.

Ready to flip the switch?

When it comes to the workplace, employee comfort, safety and satisfaction can’t be overlooked – and lighting plays a vital role. 

Want to improve your organization’s lighting with a human-centric approach? Our experienced team can help and is just a click away.

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