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At Envari, knowledge is power

In May of 2018, we officially launched Envari. Since that time, we have solidified our role as energy transformation specialists and continue to identify new ways to leverage data to bring our customers savings, energy efficiency and environmental accountability.


Our work has taken us across North America, where we have had the opportunity to share our learnings, meet other key players within the energy industry, and contribute to exciting and innovative projects. And those are just the highlights.


Behind the scenes, we have been working on ways to share our learnings and advancements with you, our customers. To quote the legendary Stan Lee, “Every day, there’s a new development … There’s no limit to the things that are happening.” And that is why I am thrilled to help launch our new quarterly newsletter. This newsletter will keep you current on emerging trends and best practices in the energy sector; and informed on new and exciting energy solutions offered by Envari. You will find a wealth of information in these newsletters, with a different focus and theme for each.


The launch of our newsletter is also time to coincide with the exciting new refresh of the Envari website. Our new site has a new design and simplified product menus to make it easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. We have also expanded our product information and reorganized the site in a way that makes sense to our customers.


At Envari, we believe that we can all take small measurable steps to change our business, our buildings and communities for the better. All we need is smart, actionable data to make informed decisions. Our hope is that with our new website and quarterly newsletter, we will be better able to support you in making informed decisions for your business.


We would love to hear your thoughts on this issue and what you would like to see in future newsletters so that we can ensure this newsletter is of value to you. Please share your feedback by emailing us at [email protected].


Sign up now and be sure to follow us on Twitter and connect with us on LinkedIn.

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