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Join the EV-lution! Why Now is the Best Time to Introduce Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to your Building

You know electric vehicles (EVs) are on the rise and you want to improve your building’s competitive edge by installing EV charging stations  – so what’s next? 

The journey to EV infrastructure does not need to be a complicated one. Begin capitalizing on the opportunity to offer your building tenants a premium amenity for minimal effort in just two simple steps:

Step 1: Generate buy-in from your condo board

Since your condo board will be the authority to approve your formal EV installation application, it’s important to involve them early on in the process and to supply them with as much information as possible to make an informed decision. Through an Electric Vehicle Readiness Assessment (EVRA), Envari will work with you to help you understand the limitations and capacity of your building, as well as to clarify a vision for the pathway forward.

Step 2: Conduct the EVRA

Once permission to execute the EVRA has been obtained, Envari’s team of experts will conduct the assessment. The assessment takes roughly six weeks,  starting with a site visit to explore the building’s electrical and parking configuration. From there – in collaboration with your local utility provider – our team will begin collecting two years of historical electrical data. With it, they will build a complete usage profile to define summer and winter peak loads and determine the building’s capacity for EV charging stations. Together these insights will form our official EVRA report, which will outline our recommendations and charger adoption options, including:

  • Billing and energy metering options
  • Budget estimate for infrastructure and installation
  • Infrastructure maintenance options

This report can then be provided back to your condo board and leveraged for your formal EV infrastructure installation application.

At Envari, we’re committed to your long-term success

From design and installation through to maintenance and value added opportunities, our experienced team of engineers, designers, and project managers will ensure the road to future-proofing your condominium is a smooth and lucrative one. For more information on how Envari can help you install EV charging stations, visit Envari’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Solutions webpage.

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