Painting a pretty picture

How an LED streetlighting
conversion is helping an Eastern Ontario
township reveal its true colours.

The story

From saving money to saving the planet, the benefits of LED streetlighting can’t be refuted – but there’s a lot to consider when upgrading, and no one-size-fits-all.

An Eastern Ontario township nestled along the Ottawa River knew it wanted to convert its streetlights to LEDs.

The old sodium bulbs were fading, costly, and painting the streets in a dull coloured tone. They weren’t serving the area’s natural beauty, never mind providing a more eco-friendly approach to public infrastructure.

In this case, it was especially important to be the least invasive as possible when installing the chargers; several of its buildings hold historical importance.

The main residence in Ottawa, for example, dates back to the mid-1800s. It was important to preserve the integrity of both its structure and aesthetics.

The customer needed an efficient way to connect an EV charger to the electrical room while drilling through as few walls as possible.

But the township wasn’t sure where to start.

The upgrade would affect four main towns, all with unique roadways and other variables. Like any streetlighting project, thoughtful engineering was key to achieving lighting standards and recommended best practices.

The municipality turned to a lighting expert for guidance to assist with a number of factors – from pole heights and spacings to road widths and classifications – paying additional attention to intersections, primary arteries, and high-density residential areas, adjusting wattage and distribution outputs as necessary.

Hot off a major municipal streetlighting project, in which more than 50,000 lights were converted, Envari brought a competitive advantage to the township.

Having already vetted a quality luminaire, one that would suit the township’s needs, Envari was able to save the client time and money by not having to do a deep technical product analysis. There was a clear winner from the start.

But there was clear collaboration, too. The Township wanted to contract the installation itself.

Unlike some turnkey solutions providers, Envari was respectful of this request, and happy to help the Township vet contractors certified to work on streetlights so close to high-voltage power lines; in fact, Envari helped them write the labour tender documents, then project managed the build to ensure the design was delivered as intended.

The result is a lighting solution poised to save the Township an estimated 65% on their electricity bill, with a simple payback of five and a half years.

And that’s not accounting for the maintenance savings, which can be upwards of 50% since LEDs typically last four to five times longer than alternative light sources. More immediately, though, the new LEDs bring the Township’s scenic beauty to light.

Does this story sound familiar?

Do you need help determining if it’s time for an energy-efficient lighting solution – and with an objective assessment of options?

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