Installing EV chargers?

Meet you halfway with up to 50% back.

Secure your funding today.


Up to 1/2 back with ZEVIP funding

New funding is rolling out! Don’t miss the opportunity to get up to 50% back for the purchase and installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations!

To expand and promote Canada’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is funding electric vehicle infrastructure projects through the Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP).

Funding is limited and expected to go fast! To secure yours, talk to our EV experts today!

Funding is available for a variety of applications, including:

Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

Light-Duty Fleets


Public Places


Find the funding that’s right for you

Get up to 50% back of the total eligible project costs for EV chargers, related equipment and infrastructure, licences and permits, professional services and salaries, rental or leasing costs, HST and more.

Total funding available is up to $100,000 per application.

Level 2

3.3kW to 19.2kW

Up to 50% of total project costs, to a maximum of

$5,000 per connector

Fast Charger

20kW to 49kW

Up to 50% of total project costs, to a maximum of

$15,000 per charger

Faster Charger

50kW to 99kW

Up to 50% of total project costs, to a maximum of

$50,000 per charger

Faster Charger+

100kW to 199kW

Up to 50% of total project costs, to a maximum of

$75,000 per charger

Fastest Charger

200kW and up

Up to 50% of total project costs, to a maximum of

$100,000 per charger

The Envari Advantage

When you work with us, you can count on:

Application management

We’ll support the entirety of the application process to ensure eligibility and maximize your funding.

Committed to quality

Our high safety, reliability and partnership standards ensure quality from start to finish.

Technology agnostic

We are product-agnostic and can offer EV charging stations from a variety of manufacturers. We’ll guide you through all options for an ideal EV infrastructure design that fits your budget.

EV Readiness Assessment

We’ll conduct an on-site system and layout audit to assess current electrical infrastructure, electrical capacity, parking configuration, user preferences/habits, installation effort, and overall cost.

Integrity and education

We take the time to truly understand your vision and key drivers for success, guiding you every step of the way.

Energy obsessed

We put your energy savings first, finding creative ways to optimize your portfolio while reducing carbon emissions.

Full transparency

We value partnerships, not transactions, which is why we’re always clear on details, challenges and costs.

Trusted experts

As a Hydro Ottawa company, we bring decades of energy innovation to every project for smarter, greener solutions.

Talk to our EV experts today to findthe funding that’s right for you.

The Zero Emission Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP) is funded by the Government of Canada and administered by Natural Resources Canada. As an Energy Solutions Provider, Envari provides the services and expertise to assist its clients in accessing available funding and to complete the installation. Envari is not affiliated with Natural Resources Canada nor does it have any influence over the ZEVIP program, its eligibility process, or its timing.

For the most comprehensive information regarding ZEVIP, please refer to the Natural Resources Canada official ZEVIP webpage.

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