Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program is for:

Multi-Unit Residential Properties
Buildings with a common entrance comprised of a minimum of 3 dwelling units.

Companies with light duty fleets
Companies that own or lease light-duty fleets of vehicles for business activities such as taxis or medium and heavy-duty vehicles like delivery trucks.

Workplaces where chargers must be installed in locations primarily used by employees.

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With the goal of expanding and promoting Canada’s EV charging infrastructure, a funding incentive is being made available by Natural Resources Canada for the installation of electric-vehicle charging stations through the Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP).  ZEVIP will cover up to 50% of the total project costs, up to a maximum of $5M/project.

Eligible Chargers and available funding:

Only Level 2 or Level 3 type charging stations are eligible for the ZEVIP program

Type of charging station Output Available Funding
Level 2 (208/240V) charging stations 3.3 – 19.2 kW Up to $5,000 per connector
Faster charging stations 20 – 49kW Up to $15,000 per charging station
Fastest charging stations > 50kW Up to $50,000 per station

Envari offers full turnkey management and peace of mind

EV Readiness Assessment – On-site systems and layout audit to assess current electrical infrastructure, electrical capacity, parking configuration, user preferences/habits, installation effort and cost.

Application Management – Envari will coordinate and manage the entire application process to ensure eligibility and maximize your funding.

Flexible/Optimized/Agnostic Technology – Envari is a product-agnostic provider and can offer a variety of types of EV charging stations from many manufacturers. We will guide you through a variety of options for an ideal EV infrastructure design that fits your budget.

Maintenance and ongoing support


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