ONLY for commercial buildings in Kanata North!

Hydro Ottawa recently launched the RETROFIT+ program, a limited-time offer and exclusive conservation initiative only available for commercial buildings located in Kanata North.  The RETROFIT + program can facilitate measurable and verifiable reductions in peak electricity demand, offering 3 times (existing) Save on Energy incentives.

Envari’s energy solutions experts will help you build a custom conservation action plan identifying the energy efficiency opportunities that qualify for the Kanata North RETROFIT+ program. We’re looking out for you, leveraging every available conservation, retrofit and green funding incentive, like this one, so you get maximum incentives leading to shortest payback.

Contact us at [email protected] – we’ll even go as far as submitting your application and calculating the expected savings resulting from this exclusive RETROFIT+ incentive.



If you’ve been considering a lighting retrofit for any fluorescent tubes, metal halide, sodium, incandescent, or halogen lights, now’s the time to take advantage!

Decrease up-front equipment upgrade costs

Increase the lifespan of your assets

Start saving on energy costs immediately

Improve aesthetics and increase property value

Decrease carbon emissions and raise occupant awareness

Save $1200

Beyond assessing your project’s potential savings and handling all aspects of your RETROFIT+ application, we will deliver a full turnkey LED conversion project, including design and engineering, project management, installation and maintenance for long-term benefit and peace of mind.


Save even more on non-lighting retrofit projects which include capital improvements like HVAC redesigns, chiller replacements, variable-speed drives or building envelope improvements that help reduce summer peak load.

Let our energy engineering specialists help you assess, design and build energy and GHG saving measures that pay for themselves even faster with these enhanced, limited time, 3X incentives.

Not sure if your project qualifies for this limited-time offer? Contact us to find out!

Save $2400

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RETROFIT + is almost fully subscribed, once it’s full, it closes!


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We are Ottawa’s energy transformation experts providing a wide range of energy solutions that help businesses like yours, make sizeable shifts in energy usage.  Our customers have experienced significant savings, greener environments and have benefitted from extending the life of their assets.  Our wide partnership network, industry influence and reputation ensures that our customers satisfaction remains priority one.  Customers look to us for expertise and knowledge on all government and regulatory funding incentive mechanisms that are currently available or are scheduled to be introduced.  Gain peace of mind knowing that you have leveraged every conservation, retrofit and green funding incentive for maximum savings and shortest payback.

Envari is an affiliate of Hydro Ottawa.  Discover more at or contact us as [email protected] or 613-321-VARI (8274).

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