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The Envari Solution

Envari offers a suite of services and expertise to deliver turnkey lighting solutions, including design and engineering, installation, controls and commissioning, project management, and maintenance.

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It starts with you – reviewing your portfolio, energy usage, and your unique set of challenges so that we can uncover opportunities.

From here, our team works to present you with the most viable lighting concepts for your private or public space, interior or exterior.

Throughout the process, we employ a design philosophy grounded in three core principles:

  • truly understanding your needs,
  • taking an energy-conscious approach, and
  • promoting connected technologies that simplify energy management.

The result is a safer, more attractive, more energy-efficient environment.

Why compromise the quality of your installation by taking your design to tender – when we can ensure beaming results from start to finish?

As your sole lighting partner, we stand by our designs and specifications with your best interests in mind. That means exceeding your expectations, not just meeting them. Providing pricing confidence, not cutting corners or looking for loopholes to boost our margins.

The bottom line? Quality, fair, punctual installation. Your one-stop-shop.

So, you've converted your building, campus or streetlights to LEDs. What's next?

Our advanced lighting controls can take your site to the next level, harnessing connected data and the ability to dim luminaires, monitor performance, and diagnose issues easily and intuitively.

This level of connected, real-time asset management can help cut energy costs by up to 50%. It can offer a proactive approach to maintenance. Enhance your existing investment with quality controls and reap the additional benefits including greater control of your asset, improved efficiency, and occupant satisfaction.

Our project management practice includes a range of services. From identifying key milestones to mitigating risk to managing all stakeholders involved, we'll oversee your entire project or any stage within it.

Unlike other project managers, our PMs live and breathe lighting. So you can rest assured that, when there's no time for downtime, you've got the technical expertise on hand to quickly resolve issues.

Routine maintenance and inspection is critical to minimize downtime and unexpected costs, and to maximize the lifespan of your assets.

This is especially true of municipal infrastructure like streetlighting, which requires a more elevated, proactive approach due to its scale and complexity.

From capital upgrades to procurement to inventory management, we can oversee any or all facets of maintenance for new or ongoing work. This includes building a maintenance plan from scratch, administering and executing that plan or even reviewing your existing plan for efficiencies. We're here where you need us.

A trusted lighting solutions provider for governments, municipalities, utilities and businesses.

Arenas and Community Centres

As multifunctional spaces, sports arenas and community centres require unique lighting settings. We design advanced solutions using the latest technology, automation and adjustable controls to fit the needs of any event. From games to concerts, our lighting solutions allow for flexibility, energy savings and a better fan experience.

Aviation and Transportation

Travel hubs are some of the busiest places out there and lighting plays a critical role in making them easy to navigate. We design light schemes to blend seamlessly with the architecture and natural lighting conditions, and we take a human-centric approach to ensure visitors are comfortable and safe.

Commercial Properties

Corporate and mixed-use spaces need special lighting that can carry out multiple functions. Whether it’s for an office building, a multi-unit residential building, a warehouse or otherwise, our innovative solutions deliver quality results with efficiency being top of mind.

Parking Facilities

With pedestrians and drivers both vying for space, parking facilities require proper lighting for safety, security and efficiency. We’ll work with you to find an optimal solution, taking advantage of natural daylight and using automated controls to increase efficiency. To improve safety and security, we’ll ensure uniform, low-glare lighting in addition to exit and emergency lighting.

Parks and Green Spaces

Parks and green spaces serve as a vital part of our everyday life. Our thoughtful, context-specific designs bring balance between function and the natural environment, taking care not to overshadow what makes our green spaces so special – their natural beauty.

Schools and Campuses

Poor lighting can lead to anxiety, headaches and even sensory issues – which are not conducive to learning. Well-designed lighting, on the other hand, can help students stay focused. Our experts understand these factors and design solutions to help students thrive. We combine natural light with controls and automation that are easily adaptable and flexible to change.


Advanced streetlighting solutions can help municipalities reduce their carbon footprint and bottom line. Switching to LED technology can cut costs by up to 50% while reducing maintenance demands. We design solutions for connected communities, providing real-time data, enhanced asset management and dimming capabilities as well as an unprecedented level of system control.

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Why choose Envari?


Trusted experts

As part of the Hydro Ottawa Group of Companies, we bring decades of energy-management innovation to every project for smarter, greener solutions. Our experts are accomplished, accredited and active members of both local and international lighting communities.


Committed to quality

We adhere to the highest standards of safety and reliability. Our long-standing relationships with local partners ensure quality from start to finish.


Full transparency

We value partnerships, not transactions, which is why we’re always clear on details, challenges and costs.


Integrity and education

We take the time to truly understand your vision and key drivers for success, guiding you every step of the way.


Driven by data

Our design philosophy promotes connected technologies and infrastructure, giving you the insight you need to better manage your assets.


Energy obsessed

We put your energy savings first, finding creative ways to optimize your portfolio while reducing carbon emissions.


Technology agnostic

Our product recommendations are always unbiased. We focus on finding the best-fit, best-value solution every time and work within your budget.


One partner, one solution

From concept to commissioning to ongoing care, we can oversee your entire project or any stage within it, delivering exactly what’s intended.

Trust Envari to leverage available conservation, retrofit or green funding incentives available for your project.

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Design & Engineering Services

Discover why forward-thinking design & engineering can take your building from ordinary to extraordinary.

Energy Audits & Assessments

The smarter the building, the more future proof it is. Make your building more attractive to own, operate, and lease.

Energy Monitoring & Automation

Optimize energy use for your business. Make informed decisions with real-time data.

Cable Testing | CableQ

Protect your critical assets. Manage your underground cable effectively with CableQ by Envari.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Electric Vehicle adoption is on the rise. Take a proactive approach and future-proof your building.


Decrease your energy costs, and your carbon footprint, while gaining greater connectivity and control.