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Shrink your home’s carbon footprint, join our pilot program!

Envari is offering a unique opportunity for homeowners looking for an energy efficient alternative to their electric, oil, natural gas, or propane heating systems. Get up to 40% off on a new cold climate heat pump system, while taking part in our two year study to assess its performance and energy efficiency against CSA standards.

Are you the owner of a home or condo and want to reduce the environmental impact of your home’s heating system? Or maybe you have an aging electric, propane, or oil heating system, and could benefit from operational cost reductions of a cold climate heat pump system. You might qualify for big savings while participating in our two year pilot study of cold climate heat pump systems.

Save up to 40% on equipment and installation while transitioning towards a more eco-friendly future. With heat pumps being a viable option in cold climates, homeowners now have a heating option that generates less CO2 than oil, propane, natural gas or traditional forms of electrical heating. These systems also serve as a cooling unit for your space during warmer months. 

Act quick, participation is limited. Fill out our online application form today to find out if you qualify.

Application deadline: December 16, 2020.

Thank you to everyone who applied. We are no longer accepting applications for this program.

About the Cold Climate Heat Pump Pilot
Envari is seeking to gather more data on the capabilities of cold climate heat pumps and their potential to displace traditional heating systems. As we become less dependent on carbon-based sources of power, the environmental benefits of electrically powered cold climate heat pumps become more evident. Through this pilot program, we want to demonstrate that widespread adoption of these systems in Canadian homes will significantly reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions.


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