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Identify inefficiencies and help pinpoint the highest consuming systems


Envari’s sub-metering solutions can be applied to all utilities, not just electricity, providing you with a complete picture of your consumption.

and Expertise

Envari’s team of experts can help you find the solution that best fits your efficiency goals and determine the potential savings.

Augment and
Take Action

Sub-metering can be combined with other services, such as Energy Monitoring and Automation or Audits and Assessments, providing even more data and information.

The Envari Solution

Utility costs are a significant expenditure in any building; Envari can help you take control of operational costs with sub-metering. Whether you are interested in the energy use of specific equipment, systems, or areas in your building, sub-metering can provide you with the data necessary to make critical decisions on your journey to efficiency and sustainability. We have solutions for both new and existing buildings.

Looking to gain insight into your energy consumption?

We can help gather the data with smart metering solutions and then take a project through to completion with full turnkey services.

Sub-Metering by Envari can mean energy savings for your building

Find out how you can allow for occupants to control their own consumption, and manage their own costs.

Multi-Unit and Condominiums

Envari has installed individual unit metering in conjunction with the local electrical utility for several years. Envari has a full unit-metering offering for multi-unit residential buildings, as well as condominiums. Our low cost or no upfront cost offerings can provide quality metering from trusted professionals.

Commercial Metering

While most traditional unit-metering offers apply only to residential buildings, Envari can measure and allocate costs to commercial spaces as well, whether its an office buildings or a shopping mall, Envari’s professional metering offering is adaptable and flexible.

Multi-Utility Offerings

Envari has the capability to meter individual tenant spaces, as well as building common areas, for electricity, water and thermal utilities.

Looking to sub-meter your building with a trusted and experienced partner?

Envari can help you choose the right solution for your building and its occupants.