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Solar installations provide building owners with an integrated energy source, offsetting utility costs


Envari can audit, assess and recommend a solar solution for new and existing buildings in need of improved efficiency, cost savings on electrical demand, or buildings in need of greenhouse gas reduction.


Envari has a suite of products, services and expertise to deliver full turnkey solar installation projects, from concept to commissioning.


Many local distribution companies (LDCs) offer Net Metering. This allows you to reduce your electricity costs by generating your own power and distributing excess generation back to the electricity grid.

The Envari Solution

Envari works with commercial, institutional, municipal and multi-unit residential clients to design and deliver rooftop and ground-mounted solar installations. We recommend the scope of work required to offset your energy consumption with solar generation – including estimated savings, return on investment and additional benefits, including greenhouse gas reduction.

Looking to reduce your electricity consumption and harness the power of the sun?

We can help with full turnkey services including design and engineering, project management and project delivery.