It took five years to sell the first million electric vehicles – the last million were sold in about six months.


Take a proactive approach and learn how your building will be affected.


Set the Standard

Eliminate the safety risks associated with non-standard charging methods and provide metering and customer billed solutions, keeping all tenants and customers satisfied.


Good for the Planet

Improve your carbon footprint and promote a zero carbon emission method of transportation. EVs are 70% greener than gas-powered vehicles and EV batteries that are 90% recyclable.


Stay Ahead of the Curve

Maintain a competitive edge with the adoption of EV chargers. As EV adoption continues to grow, customers will value buildings with accessible chargers and property value will increase.

A complete turn-key solution


Are you ready?

An EV Readiness Assessment (EVRA) includes inspection and analysis of your metering equipment to determine the quantity and the type of chargers that the building’s load can accommodate. We will provide a written assessment with a menu of plans to make your building EV ready and future proof. This report can be further used as part of a larger pitch or a capital project planning strategy.


If you move forward with the installation of the EV charging stations, the assessment fee will be absorbed by the following services:


Which charger is right for you?

EV chargers are classified into three different levels; for commercial or large buildings, Level 2 or 3 are best suited to manage the demand.


Charge Time

Level 2

Most common residential and commercial charging option

7.2kW @ 208 VAC or 240 VAC 3 hours

Level 3

High electrical demand, requires costly upgrades

50 kW @ 200-450 VAC 0.33 hours

In the case of high-rise residential buildings, the preferred option is generally Level 2 EV chargers. In contrast, Level 3 chargers, also known as fast chargers, require higher electricity demand and may require additional electrical infrastructure upgrades to accommodate charging stations.


Installation made easy

We take care of every step of the installation. Starting with the most experienced installation techs and taking the extra step to provide the required signage and painted spaces to support a LEED or BOMA Best certification.


Maintenance is key

If you are renting, we take care of everything. No need to worry about equipment replacement or damage. If you are purchasing, we have warranty options. Contact us to learn more.


Understanding Consumption

Gain visibility through software to monitor your equipment’s usage. Looking for more? Additional energy monitoring and dashboard services are available if you want a deeper understanding of your energy consumption.

Ready to plug into the future of green transportation?